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Customer Testimonials

Our unparalleled service and dedication to our clients sets Sentinel Classics apart from other classic car insurance companies. We work hard to keep our clients happy and their reviews speak volumes.


  I've been in Florida now for over 30 years and probably have dealt with three or four different insurance companies and haven't received quite a reception and the help that was given to me by both you and Sandy.

Rick Rose
  Thank you so much Sandy for all of your help.

You are truly very professional and efficient.
  Cleo honestly you are the best agent I have ever had the honor to work with ever!!!

Thank you so much!!!

  Looks like your company will save me about $4500. Thanks for that. But special thanks to your employee, Lorrie King, who worked with me to put this transaction together. She was such a perfect person on the phone, had endless patience with my questions, got the answers to me promptly, and carefully explained my options.

Don Gross
  I'm finally a customer with the Classic Collectors and Cleo convinced me to move over to NationWide after 17 years with Geico!

Jr Garcia
  Dear Cleo:

Thanks for the assistance and counseling today. You are a professional.


Bradle E. Bingham
  What great luck to have stumbled across the ad in "Cruise News" which got me to call your company.....You folks are the best!

I have shared my experience of being so well-treated by you, Erika and Cleo with several friends in the old car hobby, many of whom have been frustrated with their present insurance servers.

Charles Adam

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